Monday, 27 August 2012

Some Hearts players got stuck in a lift

Hearts drew with the mighty Aberdeen this weekend but that didn't stop them getting stuck in a lift!

David Templeton and Andrew Driver both got stuck in a lift at what I assume is Pittodrie or their hotel and Ryan McGowan found it particularly hilarious.

The most terrifying thing about being in a lift isn't the fact that it could refuse to open and free fall drop you to your doom, it's the deafening silence when you are in the lift with just one other person and you don't want to talk to them.  Just the thought that they might say "how's it going" cripples me with fear.  It's a bit like when you're urinating and someone comes and stands directly next to you and starts trying to make conversation.  How am I supposed to pee if you're talking to me?!  It's even worse when you combine the two situations.  And it's a security guard.

Look, if they don't want you doing it in a lift, why do they put mirrors everywhere?  Exactly.