Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sami Hyppia gets his own music video

Finnish GOD Sami Hyppia has lots of fans back in his home country and some of those are professional rock and roll types, who made this:

Entitled 'Big Sam', the video features several ageing musicians who do gang vocal harmonies and then sign about the ex Liverpool captain.  And how come if some old obscure dudes make a perfectly normal video about Sami Hyppia they make all the fucking news, whereas if I make one about Ryan Nelsen being a ghost wolf it only gets about 800 views on YouTube?  Eh?!  You could even argue that arguably, that was a complete waste of my time and I could have spent it reading or applying for a real job but no.  No, I have to remember that deep down I am truly talented at writing songs about Ryan Nelsen.