Thursday, 23 August 2012

SAF actually wanted Lewandowski

Now that we've all seen Robin van Persie take a corner for Manchester United, it's interesting to hear rumours that Alex Ferguson actually wanted to sign Lewandowski all along but Dortmund wouldn't sell.

(c) Scott Baxter
The Polish striker scored 30 goals last year and also isn't almost semi-permanently injured so the transfer would have made a lot of sense.  Also he's like 5 years younger and not in any danger of having to retire within the next 4 years, so money wise that also made more sense.  But no, Van Persie will be there to take all the corners for Man United this year as Fergie's retirement present.  The real reason he left Arsenal was to avoid being buried alive with Wenger, as this is just one of the terms on every new player's contract now.

Also Aaron Ramsey score a while ago and no-one important has died yet.  I'm keeping an eye on that one.