Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ronaldo wants to play in MLS

Cristiano Ronaldo has just made Major League Soccer 900000000000 times sexier by saying that he wants to play there when he's older.  Fucking ace son.  Magical.

I love America because I think.... movies.... and that's why I want to live there somehow.  As long as I don't have to marry a Mexican or anything like that.  I won't do that.  "No, Rita I do not want tacos for breakfast" - that would just be annoying.  However, if Ronaldo were to play in the league and I'd guess it would either be the Red Bulls or Galaxy he did go to, that would be cool.  He said (The Sun):
“I hope to come here to play one day.
“If I can help to be a better soccer here I can help but I think they are great, they are in a good way."
I don't know whether they put 'soccer' in bold to highlight that he missed out the word 'player' or whether they know that people who read the sun get bored if there are too many actual words to read and not enough pictures of tits.  I can really relate to them in that sense.