Thursday, 30 August 2012

Robert Green is annoyed, might quit QPR already

Robert Green was looking forward to his new career at QPR, leaving West Ham for the opportunity to join Mark Hughes' ambitious side.  And then they signed Julio Cesar who is much better than him.  So he's annoyed

The England goalkeeper is (according to the Sun) quite eager to quit the club after only playing 3 games because not only are they absolutely terrible, but he won't even get a game now.  Mark Hughes' plan seems to be to buy as many players as he possibly can, especially if they are really old (there are no under 22 players in the first team) and then hope that that somehow works and now poor old Rob has to sit on the bench.

It's like leaving your girlfriend because this other girl is really flirty with you, and she's slightly hotter and new so it seems like a good idea, but then you meet up and say you're ready to get down 'to business' and it turns out she's just like that with everyone.  So now I'm just on my own.  Uhh I mean my friend is.  I've never done that before