Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Rio Ferdinand is charged for being racist

Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand has been charged by the FA for laughing at a twitter guy who referred to Ashley Cole as a 'choc ice'.  Which is sort of fair enough, actually.

Now while it's very unlikely that Rio Ferdinand hates black people, because of his level of famousness (8) he has a position of responsibility to not endorse arguably derogatory terms for any race, because the millions of retards on Twitter and in the general public will accept this as being something acceptable to say under any context.  The problem with Twitter is that not only does it give a voice to and create a community between famous people and (sometimes) excellent minds but it also unlocks the gateway to hell from which the general public enter, displaying their incredible lack of understanding for anything, unless a celebrity with their tits out tells them to think it.  When people like Leon Knight become sheep dogs it's time to leave the planet.

The other things Rio is banned from saying includes things like 'choc ice' or 'brown bear' or 'wedding cake' or 'chinese' - basically anything that highlights a physical characteristic you could use to easily desrcibe someone with.  Because when you get asked to describe which guy it was that you are meant to help next and there are 5 dudes standing waiting, you never say 'the black one'.  Or maybe you say 'the white guy with brown hair' just so it looks like you're pushing the boundaries and that if you did say the black guy it would totally be cool.  Whereas Racist Rio just says 'my homie over there'.  HE'S A PROFESSOR OF LITERATURE, RIO.