Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Queen's Park captain is HARD

If there's one thing we know about Facebook it's that only the smartest of people have their opinions known and this social network has gifted a voice to those who would normally never have been heard. Like Ricky Little who wants to kick Rangers players.

The 23 year old captain of Queen's Park, a Scottish team who play in the Third Division has been on his Facebook informing all of his excitement at the chance to seriously injure some Rangers players:
“I will apologise in advance to all my Rangers supporting friends, there’s a good chance I’m going to nail a couple of your players this season!!”
And some of his pals were like "break that cunt Broadfoot's legs" to which he replied "First on the list mate".  So that's nice of him.  It's people like this guy that make me not enjoy playing football as I try to avoid them charging around the pitch like Bebop and Rocksteady, or get shouted at by them if they are on my team because I haven't passed to them yet.  Maybe they're jealous of my hair, maybe it's my sexual football skills, maybe they are retards - either way let's investigate and find out.  Try and spot my favourite bit of this next quote:
“I admit I did make the comments. I’m a Rangers fan so I did not mean to cause any offence. I only posted the comments for friends and I did not realise other people could see them. I thought my Facebook page was private.”