Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nobody likes Ravel Morrison

Ravel Morrison was once considered England's most talented young footballer but now he's probably more famous for being a thug.  Either way, he's off to Birmingham on loan.

While at Manchester United Alex Ferguson all but gave up on Morrison.... well he did give up on Morrison. He was sold to West Ham where he failed to make one senior appearance before being punted to Birmingham on loan. It's impossible to know how good he is because he never actually plays but Manchester United fans saw him do a trick on YouTube and hailed him as the next Maradona.  He's more interested in pretending to be one of those kids from "Kidulthood" and spends all day riding around on his BMX .

Maybe one day he will find Jesus, quit mugging grannies and give up football to have a life devoted to drinking wine and eating bread. I don't really know what happens in the Catholic church but I think you just get hammered and sing songs. Unless you're a young boy, then you...play the Nintendo DS or something.