Thursday, 30 August 2012

Neymar might be bankrupt already

Neymar is a player destined for football super stardom.  He already has a weird metal statue of himself, and fans have tattoos of his face on their body, but what you didn't know is that he also might be bankrupt.

According to newspaper reports in Brazil, Neymar has been living slightly beyond his means by buying yachts, mansions, flats, penthouses, porches, more houses and also paying for child support despite earning about $10million less a year than reports suggest he think he does.  One rumour is that Santos are actually kinda encouraging the behaviour so he has no choice but to stay with them, like a gang might do when you owe them money for drugs.  Or for kinder eggs.  Those things do me in, man.  I just need one more crazy croc.  Just one!!!!  I swear I'll get off them after that