Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Newcastle keep Demba Ba

Rejoice Toon Army for your hero, Demba Ba has successfully navigated the asteroid field of the minimum fee release clause without a single direct hit!

The £7.5million clause threatened to derail Demba's love affair train with Newcastle but now it's August that has been avoided and the train can arrive at the station and let people off... the train.  And then you can get on the train, find your seat and wait for the old people to block your path, then hope that the ticket man thinks he's already seen you in the ancient game of 'did I/didn't I' -  if you just act busy or try and hide away they ignore you usually.  This same game can also be applied to most nightclubs in Aberdeen, if you replace ticket man with 'sluts' and the feeling of reward from a free ticket being replaced by 'shame'.  Or 'fear'.