Friday, 3 August 2012

Muamba likes to take risks

Do you remember that time that Fabrice Muamba almost died?  He's going to stick it to all those nay sayers who went 'hey Fabrice, I know you want to play, but you might literally die if you do'.  'OH YEH?!!' he screamed, and then went to a specialist to see if he could.

And that specialist lives in Belgium and will tell Fabrice if he's going to be allowed to continue his playing career.  In all fairness, it's actually pretty remarkable that this guy is giving it another try after what he went through and it also gives us further proof that he was built in a laboratory by other robots.  I refuse to believe that he has any other motive other than revenge, or to kill all humans since the only other things I know that have come back to life are Jesus and various other zombies.  Also that hiker I thought I was dead.  But that's a story for another day