Sunday, 26 August 2012

Michael Laudrup is really good

Michael Laudrup has a fairly decent start to his Premier League managerial career and I want to eat my Lion bar that I bought but I only have 20 minutes to do some articles.  Some of that I wasn't meant to write down.

The great Dane (HAHAHAH NEW JOKE) is not only proving our pre-season prediction of Swansea struggling this year wrong, but he's doing it with some style.  He's also still the best player at the club, according to their players.  Defender Alan Tate, said this (TalkSport):
“When [Laudrup] joins in he’s still the best in training,” he told the Weekend Sports Breakfast. “So if you’re not going to take notice of how he is in training then I think you’re on the wrong road.”
So at the age of 48 he's still naturally the best player at Swansea, which I guess gives him some power when he tells other people what to do.  It's certainly a lot better technique than shouting 'GET OFF MY LAND', like I do, and perhaps this is why I'm terrible at Football Manager and also my real job.  Which is a gardener?  I guess that works.  Not everything here is going to be gold, ok?