Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mark Hughes is embarassed

QPR kicked off their opening game of the Premier League season in style, by surrendering to Swansea and being pumped 5-0.  Mark Hughes feels bad.

The Welsh manager said there were no excuses for the embarrassing defeat and that he would be murdering all of them tonight in their sleep.  He told the BBC:
"You can make all the excuses you want, but it doesn't wash with me.
"It's unacceptable and highlights there are players who are not where they need to be.
"We chased the game when we didn't have to. We became ragged and made bad decisions.
I really can't tell if Mark Hughes knows what he's doing at QPR or not.  The amount of players he's signed, their complete randomness as a group and the fact that some of them are Shaun Wright-Philips just makes me think that it's like a palaeontologist running around a graveyard trying to build a new dinosaur that doesn't exist yet.  Or like using selotape to keep your lego house together when more lego would simply have done.  Or getting Shaun Wright-Philips round to play lego.

Something like that