Thursday, 16 August 2012

Manchester United sign RVP!! ZOMG!!!!111!!!

IT REALLY HAPPENED.  We're through the looking glass people

Arsenal's superstar captain, who last season propelled them to 3rd place in the Premier League, has been sold to rivals Manchester United for £24million.  At the age of 29, severely injury prone and having had one amazing season out of eight, it's actually pretty good business for Arsene Wenger when you think about it.  Now Alex Ferguson has a front four to match his 1999 treble winning side (his words, not mine).  So instead of Sheringham he has Hernandez, instead of Yorke he has RVP, instead of Cole he has Rooney and instead of Solskjaer he has Welbeck o_0

Wenger apparently took the striker aside before the 4-0 friendly win over Cologne last week and told him that he didn't love him anymore and he wasn't part of his plans, so that's why he left.  Wenger just didn't have a choice anymore - his heart is broken.  Luckily you can fix that now with money

And in all fairness, Arsenal have assembled a pretty badass forward line themselves this year and it's not as if Wenger has really been wrong ever.  Aside from the fact he hasn't won anything in about 6 years or something, Arsenal have consistently been around about top 4 and they've probably made a profit as well.  Try supporting Aberdeen you whinging cunts.  "ohhhhh our world class striker has gone and we only have 3 more to replace him with WAAAAAAHHHHHH".  Man that must be tough.  I don't even know who our main strikers are.  You could make up literally any name and I'd just pretend I thought he was good