Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Man United have bid for RVP

Sir Alex Ferguson today confirmed that Manchester United have indeed made a bid for Robin van Persie but that it's not going terribly well.

The legendary Scot oversaw his team lose to Barcelona tonight, in Sweden WAT WHY ARE THIS and revealed to some reporter that they had made a bid.  I'm paraphrasing this but he said:
"Arsenal are being real assholes with this.  We just want to sign RVP but they don't really answer their phones or whatever"
I wonder why Arsenal don't want to sell their best player to their main league rivals.  It makes perfect sense when you say it like that but for some reason they just don't seem that keen.  I WONDER.  OH I WOOOOONDER.  I HAVE WANDERED FOR SO LOOOOONG

Sorry I haven't been writing enough recently.  I love you with my balls