Monday, 13 August 2012

Man City win the charity cup thing

On Sunday Chelsea and Man City played a game called the 'community shield' which I suppose is meant to bring communities together maybe.  Instead they brought goals together.  And footballers.  FOOTBALL IS NEARLY HERE

Chelsea took the lead through Fernando Torres, and then Branislav Ivanovic tried to tackle Aleksander Kolarov very hard on the shin and was sent off.  Half time went by without a single Al Qaeda led explosion meaning that they've really not performed very well this summer.  City came out for the second half all pumped up and blah blah blah won the game 3-2 and got He-Man's wrestling championship belt as a prize.  Then they all went home and played 'kill the prostitute' in GTA, which is a new drinking game I started playing with friends.  You play it exactly how it sounds.

The other best bit about the game was when Eden Hazard, who cost something like £32million, fell on his arse trying to back-heel chop a pass.

That'll probably be gone by the time you watch it because YouTube are really annoying with 'copyright law'.  Whatever that is