Thursday, 9 August 2012

Man City really want Daniel Agger

Man City have identified defence as their weakness in the forthcoming campaign to rule the world, mostly because that guy Savic was awful.  Daniel Agger might take some persuading, since he just got a Liverpool tattoo on his knuckles.

Liverpool want £23million AND Adam Johnson for the 27 year old which might sound ridiculous until you consider that Man City's original mission plan was something along the lines of 'to achieve success at any cost'.  The Danish defender already has about 4million tattoos all over his body, bringing his badass rating to a solid 9 as compared to Shaka Hislop's, which was 84.  It was hoped that his new 'YNWA' tattoo, which stands for 'You'll Never Walk Alone' would bring this higher, but now that he'll probably be sold and the ink is largely irrelevant, it looks pretty lame.  Now he just looks like someone I'm terrified will talk to me on the street.  As we all know, the trick is to pretend you can't hear them because their vision is based solely on movement and drugs