Thursday, 30 August 2012

Man City are going to sign Scott Sinclair

Scott Sinclair was an absolute beast on Football Manager a couple of years ago and it turns out he's also quite good in real life.  So good in fact that Man City have agreed to sign him for £6.8million

The England and Team GB forward will leave his starring role at Swansea to take Adam Johnson's place on the bench.  It's a very exciting job but someone has to do it, and to be honest I wouldn't mind being paid 100s of £1000s a week to play Tiny Wings while I sit next to Mario Balotelli talking about tits.  At worst he'll have to play a game in the FA Cup or an occasional reserve game and at best he gets paid a shit load for doing absolutely nothing, and earning money is basically the only reason he's doing that anyway.  Not like me - I do this site out of pure love because I really enjoy having no spare time.

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