Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Man City are going to sign Scott Sinclair

Roberto Mancini's prayers have been answered by the most boring of Gods in the entire world.  He wished for players that would transform the team and has been blessed with that Everton guy and now Scott Sinclair.  Who's alright I guess.

It's not that Scott Sinclair isn't a good player, it's just that he's not as exciting as say...... anyone who isn't English.  Someone with a cool name would be better, like Hernesto M'liba or a skilful winger called 'Andre Vranchelski'.  These might not be the best names ever but they're better than 'Scott' - it's not exciting enough.

I do think the alliteration of his name makes him sound a little bit more like a super hero than something like 'Brian Johnstone' but I've never really been a good judge of who is a superhero and who isn't.  Certainly I learned my lesson when Batman tried to give me a lift in the back of his ice-cream truck.

Why, that wasn't Batman at all.  It was a child abductor.

That was the joke.