Thursday, 16 August 2012

Louis Saha signed for Sunderland

Louis Saha has signed for Sunderland on a free transfer, meaning that Martin O'Neill doesn't have to break the universe by spending £12million on Steven Fletcher.

Saha is now 34 year old which makes me feel like I'm fucking old now and I'm not, I'm only 26.  You selfish dick, Saha.  I always said that once Michael Owen retires I will officially be old, but now that I'm legitimately old enough to be a manager in Football Manager I think I need to reassess whether I should really be spending my spare time playing video games.  I guess it's more fun that paying child support, which is no fun.  Furthermore I'm not sure that's really my child.  I can't even be arsed to begin trying to turn that into a joke which makes sense.  Just pretend that somewhere in the setup I have an illegitimate child that I avoid paying money for.  That's the joke I was going to make.

So yeh Louis Saha signed for Sunderland.