Sunday, 26 August 2012

Liverpool totally offered Martinez the job

Roberto Martinez has been busy helping Wigan lose games recently and also winning one against Southampton, all out of the kindness of his heart, because in real life he turned down the Liverpool job.

The Spaniard spent the second half of last season avoiding relegation and this is exactly the kind of talent that Liverpool were looking for.  So why didn't you move, Roberto?
“I stayed because my chairman is unique,"
Oh I see.  And then he went home to his house where he has an iPhone 5 because Apple sent one out for him to test, because he once sent a text so fast that they were like 'Oh my god, you have to test this phone out for us"

This reminds me of our friend Coach Keg who once told us that he was going to play for Trinidad and Tobago despite being 100% Scottish.  He didn't do it btw.  In case you wondered.