Sunday, 19 August 2012

Liverpool are shit

Brendan Rodgers spent all summer bringing his brand of football to Liverpool and it worked really well.  Especially the bit where they lost 3-0.

Luis Suarez was too busy being racist to score any of the 14000 chances he had and once Liverpool found themselves 1 goal down, thanks to Zoltan Gera's sexy volley, Daniel Agger lightly brushed the back of some West Brom player, giving them a penalty, and himself a red card.  Blah blah blah conceded some goals, Borini looks alright, Joe Cole got a game, 3-0.  Steve Clarke is the boy.  That brings me on to the most important thing to take away from this match:

If you switched on the news and read that an evil warlord was about to imprison us all with some space lasers unless we met his demands, no-one would be surprised if his name was Zoltan Gera.  That is the most bad ass name I've ever heard in football.

And that is what I learned.