Friday, 10 August 2012

Jose Mourinho regrets poking Tito in the eye

Jose Mourinho has many managerial techniques that combine together to create his particular brand of success, and one of these appeared to have been poking opposition staff in the eye balls.  Now he thinks that isn't a nice thing to do

New Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova first felt the wrath of Mourinho's fingers during last season's Super Cup, which the Catalans won.  The Special One told a gathered news conference (Reuters via Dirty Tackle):
"I should not have done what I did, obviously not," Mourinho told Fox Sports during Real's pre-season tour of the United States.
"The person who messed up there was me," added the Portuguese, in an interview posted on the broadcaster's website.
So as Dirty Tackle pointed out, this isn't really an apology as such, more just an admission that he regrets doing it in the first place.  Whether or not that's because he didn't manage to actually claim Tito's eyeball as a prize because one day he might return with a prodigy and remove Mourinho's head in retaliation is unclear

Also just on the note of that film, Julie Bowen is younger here:

Than she is here: