Friday, 3 August 2012

John Terry not guilty. Charged anyway

So whatever actually happened with that whole John Terry thing, he was proven not guilty in the court case thing they did so therefore is not guilty, according to law.  I'm not sure if that's football law or real law.  Regardless, the FA are charging him with improper conduct anyway  o_0

The Chelsea captain is charged with using abusive/and or insulting words being an asshole basically, and although the charges don't necessarily relate to him maybe or maybe not being racist, it still seems like someone in the FA really hates this guy.  Terry plans to contest the charge and wants a personal hearing, which means I probably have to make yet another video about the whole thing.  Those videos might look like a 5 year old mentally ill child made them, but they take ages to make.  Like I really can't be arsed.  Just finish this thing up and let me know