Sunday, 19 August 2012

Joey Barton hates watch sponsorships on MOTD

Joey Barton took to the internet last night to launch a tirade of abuse against Gary Lineker and someone else.  I'm struggling for interesting stories today.

The QPR pacifist vented his frustrations that he isn't allowed to advertise stuff on Twitter, yet two of the guys on MOTD had expensive watches on.  It's fascinating, I know.  Here's what he said:
Is the millions the licence payer pays th to talk drivel not enough for those 2? Greedy bar stewards... 
If a player tweets and it's an advertisement, he now has to state it as one. Yet, those to pull their shirts half way up there arms... advertise a certain Swiss watch brand and get free watches worth thousands for the TV time. Shocking by the 2 Great footy legends... 
Getting 'there' and 'their' confused is not acceptable if you are a human.  It's awful.  If it wasn't for the fact that I tend to write things on here without even really paying attention to what I'm doing, I'd advocate prison sentences for people who do it.  Also who wears a watch in 2012?  Just look at your phone.  It combines both a phone and a watch.  Unless you lose your phone... and then you wouldn't know what time it is.  What a world.