Friday, 10 August 2012

Ivan Vukovic has got skills yo

You may be aware that real football has actually started around Europe with Scottish clubs falling out of competitions and other important teams playing too.  Like Inter, who conceded this goal:

I like watching awesome goals and so should you, which is why above you will find a video of Ivan Vukovic laying himself up for a volley against Inter Milan so appealing.  It's the kind of goal I score on a regular basis whenever I play 11-a-side but my dedication to FitbaThatba means I just can't commit myself to playing professionally anymore.  I know there are scouts, or at least there has been one sent to watch me everyday this week but even that I find a nuisance now.  Why do they just hide in the bushes outside the house?  They should come in for some coffee.  Oh wait, that could be my uncle.  What time do prisons open on a friday?