Sunday, 12 August 2012

Italian footballer is hungry... for justice

Emanuele Pesolo might not be a name you are familiar with, but the Italian Football Federation know him as 'that guy we banned for three years for match fixing'.  He's so sure he's innocent that he's chained himself to a building and gone on hunger strike

The Siena player was charged with match fixing related stuff in a similar or exactly the same sting to the one that has earned Antonio Conte a ten month ban and he's not best pleased with it.  He told someone who told the BBC:
"I am hurt by the sentence and I would like to confront those who accuse me.  It is a strong protest but they are ruining my life for something I have not done," added Pesoli. "I will stay here until I can't do it anymore."
So not only is he now on a hunger strike, dressed in the most flamboyantly camp protesting gear I've ever seen, but he has also chained himself to the gates of the Italian Football Federation Headquarters.  My first instant thought was 'wow he must really be innocent' and my second was:

And then I forgot what it was he was protesting about.  Something about a zoo?  Are Justice playing a zoo?  That would be pretty cool.