Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hull City sign Steve Bruce's son

Steve Bruce has signed defender Alex Bruce for Hull City because he's a 'great player' and in no way because he made him.

I don't think Steve Bruce actually gave birth to him, because generally it is the female of the species that performs that task but I wouldn't put that theory away completely.  Steve Bruce does look a bit like he's had a sex change and also Hull is about the most unglamorous place in the entire world so it needs some interesting features to brighten it up.  Seriously, the inside of a homeless person's cardboard box is nicer than the entire of Hull and probably safer too.  Even listen to the name of the place -  'Hull'.  Urgh.  A hull is what ships have or what bad TV repairmen are called, it is not a cool place to live.  Like 'Disney Land'.  They should have called it that