Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fernando Torres was offside

Chelsea played Reading last night and HOLY HELL it finished 4-2.  Eden Hazard set up like 80 goals and Fernando Torres scored.  Luckily for him, Steve Grabowski was there to divert the linesman's attentions.

The Barbecue Ghost really did a runner on the assistant official, and even though I haven't seen it yet, the goal was totally offside.  Either way, Chelsea still won by two clear goals and no-one likes Reading so it doesn't matter.  Gary Cahill even admitted that luck was on their side:
"It was maybe slightly [offside] so that went for us"
And he looks like he was built from the discarded and broken parts of Robo Cop.  He's like the plain clothes figurine that no-one wanted because his special function was like 'lifting a suitcase' or something.