Friday, 3 August 2012

Everybody was Dundee fighting

Scotland is a wonderful place to visit, and in particular our glorious city of Dundee.  They welcomed Dinamo Moscow fans to town in the traditional manner, by beating them up.

About 150 of the clubs fans had travelled from Russia for the Europa League clash with Dundee United and if watching a 2-2 draw wasn't enough entertainment for you, thoughtful spectators realised that the best way to spark some excitement was by having a delicious fight.  Our journalist hero Richard Gordon was watching the match for BBC Scotland:
There's a real scrap going on in there. There's a steward trying his best to get in among it and there's about five or six policemen in there trying to stop it.
"I can see United fans in there and I have to say they are throwing plenty of punches and the Russians are throwing plenty of punches
It sounds wonderful.  Here are some more quotes (BBC):
"There was one guy - someone had gone down and he was obviously absolutely determined to give him a right good kicking. He was pushing stewards out of the way.
"I saw some Russian fans climbing up onto the barriers and the walkways, trying to get up towards the fans there. I hate to say it, but United might well be in bother". 
The only thing I really care about in this story is that Richard Gordon got out OK, because he supports Aberdeen and seems like a good guy.  If the cost of that is that the city of Dundee is burned to the ground, then as sad a day as that would be, it might just have to happen.  And if that doesn't work, can someone please just burn down Dundee