Friday, 24 August 2012

El Classico is fun

Barcelona played Real Madrid in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup and it was AWESOME

Real opened the scoring in the second half with a BULLET HEADER by Ronaldo, who kept doing really cool stepovers and heel chops all night, so that was fun to watch, and then Barca scored pretty much directly from kick off.  From there on in they just passed the ball around for fun and Iniesta and Messi occasionally decided to run past as many players as they could before setting up a goal, making it 3-1.

Then Victor Valdes tried to be a hero and let Angel Di Maria get too close, fannied around, lost the ball and let the winger score.  It looked like when you catch a fish and then it goes fucking mental and flops into the water, except somehow the fish is a footballer.  Or maybe the fisherman.

Anyway, it ended 3-2 and with the second leg having ALL TO PLAY FOR.  I can't help but feel that Real playing Barca is like playing Sega Rally 95 or something.  You know the track inside out, you've practised and you're focused, yet on the actual fucking race day you make one mistake and the car rolls down a cliff and explodes.  Then you get to start again thanks to that magical car retrieval device all games have, push on to try and get close to a reasonable time, make one tiny mistake and the whole car flips around and faces oncoming traffic.  At which point you turn it off.