Friday, 3 August 2012

Daniel Sturridge just wants to be loved

Chelsea forward Daniel Sturridge scored an awesome goal against UAE the other night and that has given him renewed confidence in his ability, which is why he's going to tell his club it's MY WAY OR THE HIGH WAY

Yes, young Daniel is set to have talks with Chelsea about just important he really will be for the club in the upcoming season.  Not only has he beaten meningitis but he's also scored two goals in the Olympics - is there anything he can't do?!!  Except pass the ball.  No.  There is no end to his powers.  Coming up after this he's going to survive an epidemic of herpes and score three goals in the paralympics!  Or he would if they let you in with a sexual disease.  I don't see how that doesn't count as a disability, and also, there's no need to be so mean to me about it.  If I thought I could get in the stadium some other way other than breaking in through the window, I would obviously have done that instead.