Monday, 13 August 2012

Claudio Caniggia scores in the FA Cup at 45

Wembley FC managed to somehow to get a bunch of retired ex-international players to turn out for them in the prelimenary rounds of the FA Cup.  Shockingly they beat a team of complete amateurs

Now you could argue that I should do some quick google research and find out why these guys are playing in this game but I'm going to use my intuition and assume it has something to do with the 'budweiser' sponsor logo across the front of that strip.  Graeme Le Saux, Claudio Caniggia, Martin Keown and even the lesbian ghost of Ray Parlour turned up to play in match against Langford, which they won by 3 goals to 2.

Scorer of two goals, Daryl Atkins was especially delighted and said:
'This is right up there with anything I have done. I was playing pub football before this, so to be on the same pitch as these great players was immense and amazing.
'We all played to the best we can because of it. Hopefully we can have a good run in the FA Cup now.'
I'd honestly much prefer to play in a game against ex-pros as opposed to normal sunday league teams because despite the fact that you'd lose, at least you'd be able to try and outplay each other at football as opposed to avoiding being headbutted by Nigel or Dazza in their pre-session work out.  You know it's time to leave when the midfielders don't have necks.