Friday, 3 August 2012

Charlie Adam is ugly/cowardly

Gareth Bale has been crying to anyone who will listen about how much of a coward Charlie Adam is for injuring him twice.

The Liverpool midfielder almost broke Spur's pacey winger in a pre-season friendly between the two clubs last week.  After Bale went down in pain because he was broken forever and ever, he and his agent started saying how jealous of his talents Adam must be, and that he should be sent to live on the moon with the other criminals or something.  Bale was back playing again days later btw.

Meanwhile, Charlie Adam sat at home shouting at the TV telling him to shut up and grow some balls.  And the TV said 'I can't do that I'm a TV and you're on drugs' and then he turned into a beautiful horse and flew off into the sunset.  It was so romantic