Sunday, 5 August 2012

British people: Not good at penalties

Team GB had their quarter-final last night against South Korea. It's always been a criticism of England that they cannot take penalties. Apparently Welsh people cannot take them either.

That's Daniel Sturridge, he isn't Welsh - the spell-checker wants to change his name to Daniel Porridge, which in my opinion is a far greater name. He's holding his hands because he missed the decisive penalty in the shoot-out against South Korea last night, after holding out a 1-1 draw after extra time. South Korea went a goal up after Jack Butland let a shot go through his hands into the corner and then the Koreans were dicking on Team GB until we got a penalty.

Up stepped Arron Ramsey who confidently took a terrible penalty that should have been saved. He got to take another penalty moments later and not content with how bad his first penalty was, made sure this time that the goalkeeper saved it.

Watching this game was a minefield for the commentators, there were Dongs and Bums all over the place and that doesn't even include what Mark Lawrenson was doing when he got so bored he decided to abuse his member after 28 minutes. South Korea matched GB all over the park and even brought on a goalkeeper called Bum-young to match up against Butland. 

Team GB was a one-off and we chose Stuart Pearce to be the manager. I'd rather have Pierce Brosnan