Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Brazilian boy with no feet trains at Barcelona

There's a lovely story going around today that an 11 year old Brazilian boy with no feet has earned a place in Barcelona's summer training camp.  I didn't even get to play for my Primary School and I have two fully working legs.

Gabriel Muniz was born without feet yet still has skills good enough to warrant a place on the training camp, which I think is quite a nice thing to know.  Here's the BBC link to watch a little clip about it.

Ace.  He got a pretty bum deal, made the most of it, didn't complain and after getting his story on the TV, was invited by officials at the club to train with them, because they were so inspired.  So what I've learned from this is that if my legs were to 'accidentally' come off, and I got a news story about it, I might get to meet Lionel Messi?

They'll grow back, right?