Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bob Wilson is super angry with the RVP transfer

Arsenal legend Bob Wilson (awww I totally remember him!) has spoken of his anger at the sale of Robin Van Persie to Manchester United, and did so in the form of interpretive dance by driving a school bus over a cliff edge.

The ex-goalkeeper told BBC Radio 4:
"I am disappointed, bordering on a little bit of anger almost, as Robin was made captain and did a fantastic job.   
"I read all his programme notes about the pride of being Arsenal captain, then a year later he leaves one great club for another great club.
"I'm taking the stance of the 'the king is dead, long live the king' - thank you Robin and goodbye."
So think about that, RVP.  Think about how sad you've made Bob Wilson feel and now look at his happy face.  There will be no more smiles at his house from now on.  Only tears.  WHY ROBIN?  WHYYYYYYYYY