Wednesday, 8 August 2012

AVB wants to sell everyone

AVB has had long enough to decide which players at Spurs are shit and now he's going to send them off on a journey to pastures new.  Which players?  Let's find out!

The new manager broke the bad news to several members of the squad this morning and those players searching for new clubs this summer will be:
Dos Santos, Jenas, Bentley, Bassong, Gallas and Naughton
Dos Santos hasn't done anything for about 8 years since he signed, other than occasionally score wonder goals for Mexico.  Jermaine Jenas hasn't done anything of note either, Bentley is just dreadful now, Bassong hasn't done anything important recently, Gallas is old and useless and Kyle Naughton could be anywhere.  I have no idea what he's like anymore.  You may have noticed one thing in common with all these players....

that's right.  THEY'RE ALL BLACK!

Except for David Bentley.  Do you know he cost like £15million a few years ago?  What happened to that guy?!  He was England's future hope, an Arsenal graduate and just generally awesome but now I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find him sitting alone in a bar, screaming into his jacket and crying