Friday, 10 August 2012

AVB is really good at man management

Luka Modric really fancied a move away from Spurs this summer.  A change of scenery, a new challenge, a bigger club and possibly more money.  AVB says: TRAIN ON YOUR OWN YOU DICK

As you may recall, it appears that AVB is absolutely fucking terrible at man management, as any member of Chelsea's senior playing staff would bounce around the pet store to tell you.  Not far off a dismal failure at the blues, AVB has started his new career at Spurs by making Luka Modric - their best player - train on his own while he tries to make a move to Real Madrid happen; a move that appears to have broken down because Daniel Levy wants £1billion for the Croatian.

So now it looks like Real are backing out of the move because they can't justify the money Spurs want, and no-one else will touch him for that amount either, so Modric is proooobably going to just end up staying with his club again, except this time he'll be all sulky.

But he'll still look like Tom Petty's twin that grew up in a dungeon