Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ashley Cole and Kolo Toure gave away their medals

Because the Community Shield is a friendly where one team gets to lift a hubcap in the air afterwards, some players don't care about it.  Players like Ashley Cole and Kolo Toure who gave their medals to some fans.

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Ashley's medal was just a runners up thing so it's probably not very valuable, but either way, the 7 year old Man City fan who received it has claimed it has made him "feel super".  Then I think he said 'thanks for asking'.

The other young man to get a medal was that dude in the top picture, who got Kolo Toure's medal.  The papers are trying to imply that Kolo gave it to him because he was annoyed about not getting to play and was sulking but I'm pretty sure it's because the Community Shield is completely pointless.  It's like when your Grandma gives you one of those old Jubilee coins because 'it will be worth more in the future'.  I'd really rather have the fiver.  I have had quite an aggressive pimp on my case for some time now.