Friday, 10 August 2012

Antonio Conte is banned for 10 months

Despite accepting a three month ban for being involved with match fixing, Juventus manager Antonio Conte has now been banned from the sport for 10 months.  :slowclap:

Last year Conte led Juventus to their first Scudetto in years, in his first season in charge but whether that will now be tarnished with the knowledge that he loves fixing matches I guess we'll never know.  Or maybe we will since Conte and his also banned assistant are contesting the charges and have the full backing of Juventus.  This is the same Juventus who were demoted to Serie B about 6 years ago for match fixing.  Either way, they said:
"Juventus...reiterates its full support for Antonio Conte and Angelo Alessio in the hope the next stage of the process will finally prove their innocence,"
So hopefully they are proved innocent because they are innocent, and if they are guilty they are found guilty.  If there's one thing we know about court cases it's that justice always prevails