Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Antonio Conte banned for 3 months

Juventus manager Antonio Conte has been banned for 3 months and fined €200,000 for his part in a match fixing scandal involving Siena.  Hooray!

The Italian 'accepted' the ban because it was a lot less than he would have gotten if they'd actually bothered investigating him properly, which sounds totally fair.  While Conte didn't actually fix the games himself, he is said to have known all about them and didn't report it.  It's almost EXACTLY like if you saw a crime being committed and didn't tell anyone but I can kinda relate, because the other day my friend wore a checked shirt with pin striped trousers - omg.

Now the Turin giants might need to hire someone temporarily but other than that everything is completely normal.  Cool.  "Match fixing you say?  A €200,000 fine you say?  Man, I hope I can afford to pay that somehow *brings out enormous wad of cash from pocket* oh how fortunate, I appear to have found some money!  What a lucky day this is.  I'm going on holiday now for 3 months while you suckers do the boring bit at the start of the season."