Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Andy Carroll may or may not go to West Ham

Andy Carroll's summer has taken another mysterious turn as Liverpool have accepted a £2million loan bid from West Ham.

The striker has been constantly linked with a move away since Brendan Rodgers joined the club, because he hates him with all his heart.  Even Jonjo Shelvey gets a game for Liverpool at the moment and he looks like someone deshelled and overcooked Squirtle.  Carroll is said to be unsure of the move because West Ham suck and Sam Allardyce plans to use him as someone the rest of his team can punt the ball to, because when you're a promising young centre forward, the thing you really want to do is run like an aimless horse, trying to win headers while a giant fat man with a bluetooth headset shouts at you.

In other news, I found exclusive photographic footage of the moment Liverpool originally bid for Andy Carroll: