Tuesday, 7 August 2012

All hail the return of Super Fletch!

Scotland captain and heir to the throne, Darren Fletcher is training with the national team as he continues his recovery from that gross disease he has.

I absolutely love Fletcher for the reason alone that he is Scottish and great at football.  We haven't combined those two things for like centuries so you can understand why we're so excited that he might be back playing again, and though the completely pointless friendly against Australia might not see his full return, at least he's training again.  Craig Levein said:
"I have been in touch with him every two or three weeks throughout the summer,"
"We will see how he gets on between now and September and I think you'll guess that if he is fit he will be in the team."
Yeh!  10 months is a pretty long time not to do something.  In that time you could quite easily forget how to play football, or definitely that it was your nephew that told the police about your illegal drug stash in the house.  Why, I barely remember even doing that in the first place.  What time do prisons open on a Tuesday?