Sunday, 19 August 2012

Alan Pardew is awesome

Alan Pardew has turned Newcastle into a UNIT.  What what?!  He's also started shoving linesmen out of the way

Pardew was slightly pissed off during Newcastle's 2-1 victory over Spurs yesterday when the linesman neglected to award a throw in, mere metres away from where he stood.  Agrieved, Pardew took out his anger on the official and pushed him ever so slightly, earning himself a red card and a trip to the stands. From the BBC:
"I was just saying to the players [beforehand] about the great Olympics and how to set an example and there's me pushing the linesman over. It was comical, he just happened to be right in front of me.
"I went in and said I'm sorry [to the referees] and said I would have to apologise publicly too because it was ridiculous."
Demba Ba scored a sexy goal, Jermain Defoe scored a shit one and then Hatem Ben Arfa reminded everyone that he is super cool by winning his own penalty, and then scoring it.  AVB's new reign doesn't start very well, Newcastle collect an important three points, and somewhere, a father is causing mental harm to his child by neglecting her, inadvertently inspiring her to become a stripper.