Sunday, 22 July 2012

Zlatan annoys French people

Zlatan Ibrahimovic loves pissing people off so he will be delighted that his recent move to PSG and ridiculous wages, have caused outrage in France.

Zlatan is going to earn over one million euros a month to counter-act the new tax ruling that is going to be brought in later this year. Francois Hollande is going to tax rich people 75% so poor people can afford more cigarettes and alcohol. I'm just saying that to offend people, I'm sure the tax will go to building schools, making strawberry jam and producing tiny jumpers for cats.

Nicolas Sarkoz said "These wages make me indignant and almost disgust me." He's not the president anymore so I imagine he shouted those words at a stranger as he drank red wine out of a brown paper bag, on a park bench. Zlatan won't care because he is Zlatan and if you say anything to offend him, he will karate kick you in the face.