Sunday, 22 July 2012

Worst strip ever?

Everyone loves terrible football strips and this is easily one of the worst.

That's the new Recreativo de Huelva away strip and it's so dreadful I threw up in my mouth. A Mickey Mouse club wearing a Minnie Mouse strip is what I could say if I was a journalist for the Daily Mail. Fans hate the strip so much that they are going to hold a protest march and demand the strips design be changed.

Designers say it isn't their fault as they only had ten days to come up with new designs for the home and away kits. It wasn't like it was their job to design them, it's not like they are designers or anything - wait... Running out of ideas, one of the architects of this monstrosity got his red finger paint out, handed a template to his three year old daughter and there you have it. 

If you hand me a blank canvas and a bottle of vodka, I will throw up a better design than that. I think that's how this old Aberdeen strip was made.