Monday, 16 July 2012

Wigan just won't learn

Wigan love Scottish players. Wigan have just avoided relegation two years in a row. Wigan just won't learn.

Wigan are going to sign Aberdeen's Fraser Fyvie. He will be joining the Scottish contingent at Wigan which consists of Gary Caldwell, James McCarthy who pretends he's Irish and James McArthur. Aberdeen are retarded, they could have sold Fyvie last year and made real money on him or even better, given him a decent contract so he would have stayed. Instead we will sell him for a macaroni pie.

Fyvie was the SPL's youngest scorer and genuinely the first Aberdeen player to get excited about since Eoin Jess, but like Jess he got a bad injury and now looks like an SPL player. Fyvie looked genuinely brilliant when he first came on the scene and then he destroyed his knee playing on one of those stupid plastic pitches. I'd like to see Fyvie become a success because the last Scottish player to "make it" was Darren Fletcher and look how that ended? In a big pooey mess. Best of luck to both of them.

They've just signed him officiall, I know because Twitter told me so. TWITTER KNOWS EVERYTHING!