Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Turkey is corrupt

Not a compelling story about a fiendish, spazticated bird but a story about a nation and it's match fixing. It turns out that football in Turkey is all a con and people are getting jailed because of it. The system works, or does it?

The answer is no. Fenerbache's chairman Aziz Yildirim was sentenced to six years in jail for match-fixing and bribing people, and doing all the things that we suspect do happen, but don't want to. Swiftly after being sentenced, the man in question was actually released on bail. What a world.

Fenerbache got off pretty lightly considering that they were found guilty of being massive jerks. They weren't even stripped of their titles and managed to avoid relegation which is what happened to Juventus. Perhaps, because nobody really cares about the Turkish league they didn't really see the point of going to all that trouble.

When I say nobody cares about the Turkish league, I really just mean me. Lots of people in Turkey care about it, some would say too much. If you stab other people because they wear a different colour of shirt, then you definitely care too much. Imagine beating up someone because they wore a green shirt. It would be utterly ridiculous and would probably result in major repercussions. I still maintain my innocence, that shirt was hideous.