Sunday, 29 July 2012

Team GB are good

Not the men, they're dreadful but the women. "We" beat Cameroon 3-0, bathe in our awesomeness - before we play Brazil and get annihilated.

Women's football gets a hard time, but I like watching Britain being good at anything so women's football will do nicely. I'm genuinely impressed with the athleticism and technique of a lot of the women. Actually the best thing is the fact they are not total pansies. GB's left-back got absolutely mauled and she just cracked on with it. If that was Ashley Young he would have demanded a stretcher to get him off the pitch for five minutes to treat his apparent broken leg, before casually strolling back on without even a hint of embarrassment of what just happened. 

One thing that doesn't seem to ever change is the truly shocking standard of the goalkeeping. It must be so annoying to know that it will never really be taken seriously until the GKs can touch the cross bar or learn to not let corners go over their heads. It's like sticking your little brother in goals, is it fun to hammer 100 goals passed him? Yes, yes it is, until he takes one in the balls or breaks his arm - then you run.